LATEST ISSUE: Vol. 6, No. 10 - June 27, 2019


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Executive Interviews - “Southern Comfort: Will RTP Be the Next Medtech Hub? An Interview with Bill Hawkins”

By David Cassak, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Rich in science and technology and with a strong base of leading universities, North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park has long been an important hub of biopharma activity. More recently, as seasoned medical device executives like former Medtronic CEO William Hawkins return to familiar ground, the region’s medtech community shows signs of catching up.

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Digital Health - “Digital Health: Healthcare at the Crossroads”

By Mary Thompson, Executive Editor

Digital health is transforming healthcare delivery, but how long will it take and what are the risks and challenges ahead? Our perspective on the digital health technology space and what to watch for in 2019 and beyond.

Outside Opinion - “Keeping a Pulse on Providers: Supplier Success in the Next Decade”

By Ilya Trakhtenberg, Jonas Funk, and Monish Rajpal, L.E.K. Consulting

US healthcare providers are continuing to stratify into segments with distinct priorities and needs, requiring suppliers to evolve their commercial engagement models and offerings. Suppliers need to align their organizations with the needs of progressive, thriving health systems to be successful in the next decade.



Cardiovascular Monitoring - “The Apple Watch Arrhythmia Monitoring Debate”

By Mary Thompson, Executive Editor

Results from the Apple Heart Study show that the risk of false positive results was not as high as some had feared, but overall the study raised more questions than it answered.

Structural Heart - “Mitre Medical: A Dual Strategy for Mitral Valve Repair”

By Mary Stuart, Senior Writer/Market Analyst

Most patients with heart failure suffer from both left ventricular dilation and mitral regurgitation. Mitre Medical has a simple epicardial clip that addresses both simultaneously.



Wound Care - “Nanomedic: Electrospun Wound Care Made Portable”

By Colin Miller, Contributing Writer

Nanomedic’s SpinCare system is designed to reduce the cost of wound care, as well as patient discomfort from dressing changes. The handheld device uses electrospinning technology to spray a nanofibrous coating that never needs changing and simply peels off the wound when healing is complete.

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Companies Covered in this Issue: 3M, Abbott Laboratories Inc., Acelity LP Inc., AliveCor Inc., Alphabet Inc., Altoida, Amazon Inc., Apple Inc., B Braun Melsungen AG, Bardy Diagnostics Inc., BioTelemetry Inc., Boston Scientific Corp., Cellworks Group Inc., Change Health, Edwards Lifesciences Corp., Ferris Mnfg. Corp./Polymem, Fitbit, Getinge, Health Catalyst, IBM Corp., IDx Technologies Inc., InfoBionic, iRhythm Technologies Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Livongo Health, Medivis, Medtronic PLC, Microsoft Corp., Mitre Medical Corp., Molnlycke Health Care AB, Nanomedic Technologies Ltd., naviHealth Inc., Nicast, Nuubo, Olympus Corp., Orbita Inc., Pear Therapeutics Inc., Phreesia, Remedy Partners Inc., Royal Philips NV, RSIP Vision, Smith & Nephew PLC, Verily Life Sciences LLC, Verizon

Topics Covered in this Issue: Business Strategies; Cardiovascular/Vascular; Diabetes; Diagnostics; Digital Health; Executive Interviews; Investors & Dealmaking; Oncology; Patient Monitoring; Perspective & Commentary; Providers & Payors; Regulatory & Reimbursement; Start-Ups to Watch; Surgery/Robotics; Wound Management