MedTech Strategist Issue: Vol. 5, No. 10 - July 26, 2018


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In Memoriam - "Sami Hamadé: Medtech Coach, Inspiration, and Investor"

By David Cassak, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In his career at Guidant and venture firms Aberdare and AppleTree, Sami Hamadé befriended and inspired several generations of medtech companies and executives. His sudden passing this spring was felt acutely throughout the industry.

Executive Interview: "Finding Success in China: The Biosensors Story"

By David Cassak, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Two decades ago, Singapore-based Biosensors International developed an innovative drug-eluting stent with a bio-degradable polymer. But rather than focusing on the US market, the company built an enormously successful business by targeting China – and other Asian markets – well before any other company had identified China as an important market. In this interview, Biosensors founder and former CEO Yoh-Chie Lu talks about Biosensors’ success and the evolution of the Chinese market.

Reproductive Medicine - "How Genomics, Big Data, and Consumerism are Bringing Entrepreneurial Opportunities to Infertility"

By Wendy Diller, Senior Writer/Market Analyst

The field of fertility treatment is ripe for technological and business model innovation, based on technology advances and computational analysis that improves the workflow of clinics and provides the information that patients need to make better choices.

Digital Health - "Virtual Reality Enters Physician Training: A Conversation with Sandra Humbles and David Badri of the Johnson & Johnson Institute"

By Mary Thompson, Executive Editor

Virtual reality and other tech-enabled digital tools are entering the healthcare education arena with a promise to make clinician training and assessment more flexible, efficient, and user-friendly. One of the most active pioneers in this space is medtech giant Johnson & Johnson. J&J’s professional education unit, the Johnson & Johnson Institute, is embracing a variety of digital learning tools, ranging from virtual and augmented reality to AI-driven online learning tools. And its efforts could have far-reaching implications for both J&J and the clinicians it serves. 

Outside Opinion - "Beware the Seductions of M&A"

By Mark Speers, Health Advances

A leading medtech consultant points out some of the potential missteps that device executives may not consider when caught up in the excitement of the M&A path.

Start-Ups To Watch - ENT/Otolaryngology: "Neurent Medical: An Office-Based Procedure Treats Rhinitis"

By Mary Stuart, Senior Writer/Market Analyst

Now that companies developing treatments for sinusitis have created a demand for office-based ENT procedures, Neurent Medical hopes to fill the need with a minimally-invasive intervention for the 40-60 million people in the US who suffer from rhinitis.

Start-Ups To Watch - Infertility: "Univfy: Personalized Prognostics for Successful, Accessible IVF Treatment"

By Wendy Diller, Senior Writer/Market Analyst

Due to cost, stigma, and unpredictable outcomes, access to successful IVF treatment is limited to a small percentage of the more than seven million women in the US who suffer from infertility. Univfy’s rigorously developed, customized prognostics relieve barriers by improving the odds of live births and offering better financial options for patients.

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Companies Covered in this Issue:  Ablation Frontiers Inc., AppliedVR Inc.,  Becton Dickinson & Co., Biosensors International Group Ltd., Biowink GMBH, Blue Sail Medical Co. Ltd., Boston Scientific Corp., CardioMEMS Inc., Certara LP, GE Medical Systems, GenePeeks Inc., Huawe, Illumina Inc., Intersect ENT, Johnson & Johnson, Johnson & Johnson Institute, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd., Eli Lilly & Co., Medtronic PLC, MicroPort Scientific Corp.,  Mindray Medical International Ltd., Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp., Modern Fertility, Neurent Medical, Nevro Corp., Novartis AG, NxThera Inc., Oculus VR LLC, Prelude Fertility, PuraCath Medical Inc., Samsung Electronics America Inc., Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co., Shockwave Medical Inc., Terumo Corp., Tusker Medical Inc., Univfy Inc.

Topics Covered in this Issue:  Cardiovascular/Vascular; Ear, Nose & Throat, Emerging Markets; Executive Interviews; Health Information Technology/Digital Health; Investment/Finance/M&As; Medtech Business Strategies/Development; Perspective/Commentary; Surgery/Minimally Invasive Surgery/Robotics; Start-Ups; Women’s Health