MedTech Strategist Issue: Vol. 6, No. 1 - January 16, 2019


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Perspective - “Is the Medtech Industry Evil?”

By David Cassak, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The ICIJ report on medical device safety paints a damning picture and is part of an even more troubling trend.



Cardiovascular - “Vytronus Poised to Offer the First Personalized Therapy Approach to Cardiac Ablation”

By Mary Stuart, Senior Writer/Market Analyst

Vytronus aims to become the Intuitive Surgical of ablation technologies, offering visualization, automation, machine learning, non-contact therapy delivery, and the ability to ablate in any application where catheters are delivered into the bloodstream. Its first application is an enormous one: catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation, where the company aims to boost efficacy rates by offering the first personalized approach.

Surgical Robotics - “Intuitive Faces the Future of Surgical Robots”

By David Cassak, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Intuitive Surgical has long dominated the field surgical robotics, but it is now facing serious competition from medtech giants as well as numerous start-ups. This increased competition comes at a time when the very nature of robotically-enabled surgery is changing due to the advent of advanced digital technologies. Part 2 of a two-part feature.



Digital Orthopedics - “Digital Health is Taking Off Among Providers: What Could that Mean for Orthopedics?”

By Wendy Diller, Senior Writer/Market Analyst

The @TheDOCSF’s  meeting organized by UCSF’s Department of Orthopaedics brings together multiple stakeholders to highlight ways disruptive digital technologies can address gaps in musculoskeletal clinical care. A Q&A with meeting founder Stefano Bini, MD.

Video Laryngoscopy - “Inscope Medical Solutions: Laryngoscopy Leveled Up”

By Colin Miller, Contributing Writer

Any time a patient cannot breathe independently, such as after a traumatic injury or as an effect of anesthesia, an endotracheal tube must be placed. This procedure typically requires the cumbersome task of switching different pieces of equipment. Inscope Medical Solutions is offering a novel laryngoscope design that combines wireless video and suction in just one tool.



Endoscopy - Virtuoso Surgical: Empowering Endoscopic Surgery”

By Colin Miller, Contributing Writer

Virtuoso Surgical has developed a minimally invasive endoscopic robotic surgery system that enables doctors to surpass some of the limitations of traditional endoscopes. The Virtuoso system features a pair of instrument delivery arms made of concentric nitinol tubes that mimic a surgeon's hands to offer unprecedented control, specificity, and variability to a full range of endoscopic applications.

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Companies Covered in this Issue: Abbott Laboratories Inc., Boston Scientific Corp., Fosun Pharmaceuticals, GE Health Care, Hansen Medical Inc., Imricor Medical Systems, Inscope Medical Solutions Inc., Intuitive Surgical Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Marrek Inc., Medtronic PLC, Royal Philips, Siemens AG, Stereotaxis Inc., Stryker Corp., TransEnterix Inc., Virtuoso Surgical Inc., Vytronus Inc.

Topics Covered in this Issue: Business Strategies; Cardiovascular/Vascular; Critical Care/Emergency Medicine; Diagnostics; Digital Health; Executive Interviews; Orthopedics/Spine; Perspective & Commentary; Respiratory/ENT; Start-Ups to Watch; Surgery/Robotics