MedTech Strategist Issue: Vol. 5, No. 11 - August 24, 2018


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Perspective - "As the Digital Revolution Sweeps Healthcare, Don’t Shortchange IVD"

By Wendy Diller, Senior Writer/Market Analyst

It’s not clear that clinical laboratories or their traditional suppliers will reap the gains promised by the digital revolution. Diagnostics fuels an increasing number of clinical decisions, but the impetus to pay for it continues to get more difficult, hampering innovation.

3D Manufacturing - "Carbon: Bringing a Revolution to the 3D Revolution"

Sidebar: "A Play for Johnson & Johnson"

By David Cassak, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Carbon Inc. has developed a radical new approach to polymer-based 3D manufacturing that promises to revolutionize a field that is just in its early stages of development. Johnson & Johnson’s investment in the company’s latest round of financing underscores the opportunities for Carbon in medical devices.

Electrophysiology: "Atrial Fibrillation Ablation After CABANA: What Are We Missing?"

Sidebar: "CABANA Results in Confusion, Not Clarity"

By Mary Stuart, Senior Writer/Market Analyst

The landmark CABANA trial has highlighted how one of the principal treatment strategies for atrial fibrillation, cardiac catheter ablation, still falls short. Industry—and clinicians—continue to believe that technological innovations are the answer. Companies with new catheter and imaging technologies think they can close the gap.

Quick Take: AI and Stroke - "Companies See Big Opportunity for AI-Assisted Imaging in Stroke"

By Varun Saxena, Contributing Writer

Clot retrieval and aspiration devices have ushered in a new era of ischemic stroke intervention, and artificial intelligence-assisted imaging is an essential component helping to enable this shift. We take a brief look at a few of the many companies now targeting stroke (both ischemic and hemorrhagic) with AI-enabled imaging solutions.


M&A/Financing Review - 'Medtech US IPO Window Finally Re-opens; Financial Buyers Return to M&A Market"

By Stephen Levin, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After several promising, but ultimately disappointing quarters, the US public market for medtech companies sprang back to life in Q2 and the prospects for continued activity appear strong. All the while, M&A remains stable with a returning influx of financial players.

Start-Ups To Watch: Infertility - AblaCare: Infertility Treatment Made Safer

By Colin Miller, Contributing Writer

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the leading cause of female infertility and the most frequently occurring endocrine disorder in women. AblaCare, a recent addition to medtech accelerator MD Start‘s portfolio of therapeutic device companies, is introducing a new device that treats PCOS infertility using RF ablation technology to replicate the effects of laparoscopic ovarian drilling with a safer and less invasive, office-based procedure.



Side Bar Video Interview: “It Takes A Village: How AblaCare is Building a Solution to Infertility” [watch video]

Start-Ups To Watch: Prenatal Diagnostics - "Carmentix:  A Biomarker-Based Approach to the Global Problem of Preterm Births"

By Mary Stuart, Senior Writer/Market Analyst

Preterm births result in half of all neonatal deaths and a high likelihood of lifelong disabilities for preterm infants who survive. In the US alone, it’s a $26 billion problem. Carmentix aims to give clinicians a prognostic tool to help them assess, as early as 18 weeks gestation, whether a woman has high odds of a preterm birth so appropriate interventions can be taken.

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Companies Covered in this Issue: 23andme Inc., 3D Systems, Abbott Laboratories Inc., AblaCare, Adidas Inc., Aidoc, Align Technology Inc., Ambry Genetics, Angiodynamics Inc., Becton Dickinson & Co., Bioabsorbable Vascular Solutions, BMW, Boston Scientific Corp., Brainomix, Canon Medical Systems, Carbon Inc., CardioFocus Inc., Carmentix Pte. Ltd., Cerebrotech Medical Systems Inc., Cerner Corp., ELectroCore Inc., Farapulse Inc., FormaLabs, GE Healthcare, General Electric Co., Google, Grupo Fleury, Hologic Inc.,  IBM Watson Health, Imricor Medical Inc., Infervision, Inspire Medical System Inc.,  Intel Corp., Invitae Corp., iSchemaView Inc., Johnson & Johnson, LifeScan Inc., Liquidia Technologies Inc., MakerBot, Max-Q AI, Medtronic PLC, Neuronetics Inc., Orthopediatrics Corp., Penumbra Inc., Qiagen, Rapid Medical, Roche, Roche Diagnostics Corp., Royal Philips, Samsung Neurologica, Sensome, Stratasys, Stryker Corp., Viewics Inc.,, Vyaire Medical, WhatsApp, Zebra Medical Vision

Topics Covered in this Issue:  Cardiovascular/Vascular; Diagnostics; Health Information Technology/Digital Health; Investments/Finance/M&As; Medtech Business Strategies/Development; Reimbursement/Regulatory; Services And Solutions; Surgery/Minimally Invasive Surgery/Robotics; Neurology/Neurovascular; Start-Ups; Women’s Health