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Issue: Vol. 5, No. 14 - October 17, 2018

  • “MD Start: Building Medtech Companies in Europe,” by David Cassak

  • “Regulatory Shifts for HCT/P Products Put Orthobiologics Manufacturers on the Spot,” by Wendy Diller

  • SIDEBAR: “FDA’s Evolving Criteria for Tissue-based Biologics: Takeaways,” by Wendy Diller

  • SIDEBAR: “MiMedx Wins an Orthopedic Rarity: RMAT Designation for AmnioFix Injectable, “ by Wendy Diller

  •  “Three Strategies to Avoid Medical Device Commoditization,” by Tom Dudnyk, VIVO Agency

  • Start-Ups to Watch—"EmboMedics: Thinking Organically about Embolization,” by Colin Miller

  • Start-Ups to Watch—"Kobara Medical: Epicardial Pacing Provides Advantages for Heart Failure Patients,” by Mary Stuart

Issue: Vol. 5, No. 13 - September 28, 2018

  • “SpineGuard: Riding Robotics’ Wave,” by David Cassak

  • “Atrial Fibrillation Part 2: New Mapping, Information Systems Lay Down Evidence Base,” by Mary Stuart

  • SIDEBAR: “Kardium Tackles the AF Problem from Scratch,” by Mary Stuart

  • “Digital Taps Into Neurological Function,” by Mark Ratner

  • “Digital Technologies Shake Up Arrhythmia Monitoring, Part 1: Apple’s New ECG-Enabled Watch—Gizmo or Game Changer?” by Mary Thompson

  • Start-Ups To Watch —“PathMaker Neurosystems: A Non-Invasive Bioelectronic Platform Restores Neuromotor Function,” by Mary Stuart

  • Start-Ups To Watch — “Perflow Medical: Next-Gen Products for a Booming Neurovascular Market,” by Mary Stuart

Issue: Vol. 5, No. 12 - September 14, 2018

  • “Orthobiologics at a Crossroads,” by Wendy Diller

  • SIDEBAR: “KOA Clinical Trials May Soon Provide Some Insights,” by Wendy Diller

  • “ CGM on the Upswing: A Three-Month Implantable Enters the Fray,” by Mary Thompson

  • SIDEBAR: “Senseonics Expands the CGM Toolbox with a 90-Day Implantable: CEO Tim Goodnow Charts the Path Forward” by Mary Thompson

  • “Is Medtech Too White?” By Kwame Ulmer

  • Start-Ups To Watch - “Neuromod Devices: Targeting Tinnitus Discreetly and Effectively,” by Colin Miller

  • Start-Ups To Watch - “Transverse Medical: Total Protection for the Brain During TAVR,” by Mary Stuart  

Issue: Vol. 5, No. 11 - August 24, 2018

  • “As the Digital Revolution Sweeps Healthcare, Don’t Shortchange IVD,” by Wendy Diller

  • “Carbon: Bringing a Revolution to the 3D Revolution,” by David Cassak + Sidebar:  “A Play for Johnson & Johnson”

  • “Atrial Fibrillation Ablation After CABANA: What Are We Missing?,” by Mary Stuart + Sidebar: “CABANA Results in Confusion, Not Clarity”

  • “Companies See Big Opportunity for AI-Assisted Imaging in Stroke,”  by Varun Saxena

  • “Medtech US IPO Window Finally Re-opens; Financial Buyers Return to M&A Market,” by Stephen Levin

  • Start-Ups To Watch - “AblaCare: Infertility Treatment Made Safer,” by Colin Miller

  • Start-Ups To Watch - “Carmentix:  A Biomarker-Based Approach to the Global Problem of Preterm Births,” by Mary Stuart

Issue: Vol. 5, No. 10 - July 26, 2018

  • In Memoriam— “Sami Hamadé: Medtech Coach, Inspiration, and Investor,” by David Cassak

  • Executive Interviews - “Finding Success in China: The Biosensors Story,” by David Cassak

  • Reproductive Medicine - “How Genomics, Big Data, and Consumerism are Bringing Entrepreneurial Opportunities to Infertility,” by Wendy Diller

  • Digital Health - “Virtual Reality Enters Physician Training: A Conversation with Sandra Humbles and David Badri of the Johnson & Johnson Institute,” by Mary Thompson

  • Outside Opinion - “Beware the Seductions of M&A,” by Mark Speers, Health Advances

  • Start-Ups to Watch – “Neurent Medical: An Office-Based Procedure Treats Rhinitis,” by Mary Stuart

  • Start-Ups to Watch—“Univfy: Personalized Prognostics for Successful, Accessible IVF Treatment,” by Wendy Diller


Issue: Vol. 5, No. 9 - June 27, 2018

  • “Charting Baxter International Inc.’s Rebound: An Interview with CEO Joe Almeida,” by David Cassak

  • “Orthopedics Grapples with Evidence-Based Use of Stem-Cell Therapies,” by Wendy Diller

  • “Good News, Bad News: Hospitals Want to Partner,” by L.E.K. Consulting's Jonas Funk, Monish Rajpal, and Ilya Trakhtenberg

  • “Driving Medical Device Sales and Profit Growth by Creating Mega-5’s,” by John Larson

  • Start-Ups To Watch – “ Output Medical, Inc.: Predicting Acute Kidney Injury Right on Time,” by Colin Miller

  • Start-Ups To Watch – “SentiAR: Intraprocedural, Real-Time Augmented Reality Enhances Catheter Ablation,” by Mary Stuart

Issue: Vol. 5, No. 8 - June 8, 2018

  • Managing in Interesting Times: An Interview with Paul LaViolette,” by David Cassak

  • “In Medtech, Real-World Evidence is Moving Beyond Theory to Regulatory Use,” by Wendy Diller

  • “ResMed Using Digital Health to Fuel a Medtech Growth Strategy,” Mary Stuart

  • “Digital Innovation: Consumer Activation Comes of Age in Medtech,” by Ajay Gupta, Karen Passmore, Sundar Ganapathy, and Chris Smith

  • “What’s Next for the Ischemic Stroke Market? Brett Wall, SVP and President of Brain Therapies at Medtronic, Weighs In,” by Mary Thompson

  • Start-Ups To Watch – “Eyenuk, Inc.: Artificial Intelligence Boosts Diabetic Retinopathy Screening by Mary Stuart

  • Start-Ups To Watch - HeartSciences: Artificial Intelligence Improves Frontline Risk Stratification for Heart Diseases,” by Mary Stuart

Issue: Vol. 5, No. 7 - May 29, 2018

  • Perspective – “Funding Gap? What Funding Gap?” by David Cassak

  • Market Disruptors – “Is Amazon’s Healthcare Foray a Threat to the Medtech Market?” by Wendy Diller

  • “Saluda Medical: Will Sensors and Data Disrupt Spinal Cord Stimulation?” by Mary Stuart

  • “Crossing the High-Tech, ‘Wet Science’ Divide” by Wendy Diller

  • “Solving the Prisoner’s Dilemma: Product Innovation, Solutions-Focused Business Models Can Help Counter Declining Medtech ROC” by Yakir Siegal, Glenn Snyder, Myriam Lopez, Lauren Morton

  • Stroke Devices – “Neurovascular Device Market Poised for Growth” by Oded Ben-Joseph and Seth Bensussen

  • Start-Ups To Watch: “CroiValve: Solution for Tricuspid Regurgitation Supports the Native Valve” by Mary Stuart

  • Start-Ups To Watch: “ChromaCode: Disrupting Molecular Diagnostics in the Digital Age” by Wendy Diller

Issue: Vol. 5, No. 6 - May 11, 2018

  • Executive Interview - “ExploraMed: Patient Need, Stakeholder Perspective Guide Solution Design,” by David Cassak

  • Surgical Pain Management - “Spine Surgeons Confront the Opioid Crisis,” by Wendy Diller

  • Q1 M&A/Financing Wrap-Up - “Despite Optimistic Outlook, M&A Dries Up and IPOs Remain Non-Existent,” by Stephen Levin

  • Market Brief: Orthopedics - “Early Q1 Data Shows Pressure on Ortho,” by Wendy Diller

  • Start-Ups To Watch - Tissue Engineering: “ Humacyte’s Bio-engineered Human Blood Vessel Enters Pivotal Trials,” by Mary Stuart

  • Start-Ups To Watch - Peripheral Artery Disease: “XABLECATH LTD Reimagines Peripheral Vascular Care,” by Colin Miller

Issue: Vol. 5, No. 5 - April 20, 2018

  • “Finding Meaningful Value in Medtech: Interview with Alex Gorsky

  • “Navigating New Technologies through Seismic Shifts: Medtech Execs, Investors Weigh In”

  • “Diabetes Devices: The High-Tech Transformation Continues”

  • “Surgical Robotics: The Future is Now”

  • “Coatings Take Center Stage, Scaffolds a Back Seat”

  • “New Data and More Expansive Guidelines Give Ischemic Stroke Market a Push"

  • “MIS Spine: Advances in Visualization, Navigation, and Robotics”

  • “SUs Expand Device Markets for Pain with Peripheral Nerve Stim & Less Invasive Platforms”

  • “Neuros Medical: An Electrical Nerve Block for Chronic Pain”

  • “Neuspera Medical: Least Invasive Platform Increases Attractiveness of Neurostimulation”

  • “VERAFEYE: Improving First-Procedure AF Ablation Success Rates”

Issue: Vol. 5, No. 4 - March 27, 2018

  • “J&J in Medtech: An Interview with CEO, Alex Gorsky”

  • “Why Big Companies Can’t Innovate”

  • “Advanced Tech: A Corporate Incubator”

  • “AI in Healthcare: Applying Sophisticated Analytics to Solve Healthcare’s Biggest Challenges”

  • “Transcatheter Heart Valves: The Year of Big Data”

  • “Opioid Crisis Reframes Device Market for the Treatment of Pain”

  • “Liquid Biopsies: At an Inflection Point?”

  • “Ophthalmic Surgical Device Market: A Mixed Bag"

  • “Raydiant Oximetry: Provides Crucial Comfort for New Mothers”

  • “Infervision: Applying Deep- Learning AI to Imaging Scans to Improve Disease Detection”

  • “Numares Health: Using Physics and Algorithms to Transform Clinical Diagnostics”

  • “ProLung: Risk Stratification Test for Lung Cancer”

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Since 2014, MedTech Strategist has published an impressive 75 issues and 557 articles.
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