Season 2: Johnson & Johnson’s Center for Device Innovation at Texas Medical Center

As a collaboration between Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMD), Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC (JJI), and the Texas Medical Center (TMC), CDI @ TMC brings together the unique strengths and resources across these great enterprises to create a novel approach for medical device innovation.

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Episode 1 - ‘Special Edition’ - An Interview with William (Billy) Cohn, MD, Vice President, CDI @ TMC

“Billy Cohn, MD: Making Medtech Makers at Johnson & Johnson’s CDI @TMC.”
In this candid video interview onsite at the Center for Device Innovation in Houston, TX, Billy Cohn, MD, VP of Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Device Companies and Director, Center for Device Innovation at Texas Medical Center reflects on his extensive device patent journey and shares the keys to overcoming the never-ending challenges that plague device innovation.

Episode 2 - An Interview with Richard Hanbury, Founder and CEO, Sana Health

“Sana’s Wearable Solution for Chronic Pain.” Start-up Sana Health is taking on one of the biggest health crises in the world today: opioid use, as part of a larger mission to redefine the way pain is treated. Sana’s novel FlowState technology induces deep relaxation, promotes neuroplasticity, reduces pain, and triggers sleep in as little as 10 minutes. In this candid interview, Richard talks about his experiences in founding the company and what’s next.


Episode 3 - An Interview with Eric Wells, Founder and CEO, Telluride Medical Partners

“When One Door Closes Another Door Opens: The Story of Telluride Medical Partners.” Emerging Arizona-based medical device accelerator Telluride Medical Partners LLC (TMP) is comprised of business entrepreneurs, medical device start-up experts, and medtech engineers who are committed to bringing disruptive technologies to market. In this candid interview, Founder and CEO Eric Wells talks about his early career, his experiences in founding the company, and what’s next for TMP.

Episode 4 - An Interview with Sahil Diwan, Co-founder and CEO, SafKan, Inc.

“OtoSet: Sonicare for the Ears” An Arizona-based medical device start-up SafKan Inc is pursuing an alternative to the current standard-of-care for excess or impacted earwax— unchallenged for nearly two centuries—with the world’s first automated ear cleaning device for clinical use, the OtoSet. In this interview, co-founder and CEO Sahil Diwan talks about his experiences in co-founding the company and what’s next for SafKan.

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*Coming Soon* Episode 5 - An Interview with Mehran Talebinejad, CEO, NeuroQore

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*Coming Soon* Episode 6 - An Interview with Leonard Weisman, President and Chief Technology Officer, Vax-Immune

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Episodes 7-17 feature:

VerteCore Technologies, Alleviant Medical, Odin Technologies, Aescula Tech, Allotrope Medical, Intelligent Implants, Nerv Technology, VenoStent, Corinnova, InPro Medical, and M&S Biotics.