'Meet the Innovators' Video Interview Series

People invest in other people.
It is our mission to ‘meet’ medtech’s top innovators and share the story behind the technology to drive the right partnerships and ultimately accelerate medical device innovation.

Watch episodes of ‘Meet the Innovators’ to discover emerging medtech technologies, and meet the passionate Founders and CEOs at the forefront of innovation.
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Learn more about MedTech Strategist’s ‘Meet the Innovators’ interview series and its host Kayleen Brown, Industry Analyst and Director of Communications, in this special episode of The Mullings Group’s ‘Careers On The Line’ hosted by CEO of The Mullings Group, Joe Mullings. Click for Podcast.

MedTech Strategist is proud to feature the emerging medical device companies as part of the MedTech Innovator 2018 business competition. MedTech Innovator is the premier nonprofit start-up accelerator in the medical technology industry. The 2018 program took place during MedTech Strategist’s Innovation Summit Dublin, Ireland 2018, a global medical device investment and partnering conference. Join us April 9-11th for Innovation Summit Dublin 2019.

Season 2 ‘Meet the Innovators’: On-site at the Center for Device Innovation at Texas Medical Center

As a collaboration between Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMD), Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC (JJI), and the Texas Medical Center (TMC), CDI @ TMC brings together the unique strengths and resources across these great enterprises to create a novel approach for medical device innovation.

More Episodes Coming Soon, Feature:

Allotrope Medical, Intelligent Implants, Nerv Technology, VenoStent, InPro Medical, and M&S Biotics


Our sincere appreciation to each of the below contributors of the ‘Meet the Innovator’ interview series. Your dedication, guidance, and support has helped make the series a success!

Thank you to Chandula Perera - Video Editor; Kate Olson - Intro/Outro Music; and AVCOM - Season 1 Production Crew. Special thanks to Jonathan McEvoy, Creative Director, AVCOM for developing the intro for ‘Meet the Innovators’ and for his significant help in making Season One a success.