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3VO Medical (Los Angeles, CA) is an early stage company developing a novel medical device therapy to reduce the undesirable effects and risks of childbirth. Our minimally invasive intervention is intended to actively manage dystocia, the clinical diagnosis of abnormally slow or failure of infant progression. In the US each year, drug resistant dystocia causes 280,000 mothers to endure full active labor >12 hours before vaginal delivery increasing morbidity, health risks, fetal distress, and health economic resources, and primary reason for 360,000 C-sections.

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Activ Surgical (Boston, MA) has developed a digital surgery platform called ActivSight, a technology focused on the integration of advanced computer vision, artificial intelligence and robotics designed to seamlessly fit within operating room workflow.

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Carmell Therapeutics (Pittsburgh, PA) is addressing the burden of healing with its proprietary Plasma-based Bioactive Materials (PBM) technology, designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce health care costs. Carmell’s novel approach takes whole platelet-rich plasma, processes it in a manner that retains its regenerative properties, and delivers it to the injured site in a controlled-release capacity for faster, more effective healing.

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Catheter Precision Inc. (Mt. Olive, NJ) is a medical device company that has developed cost-effective, user friendly and technologically advanced products for use in the multi-billion dollar cardiac electrophysiology (EP) market. Our healthcare solutions involve advanced computer and robotic solutions that improve outcomes for complex medical procedures.

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Centese (Omaha, NE) is driven to improve outcomes and reduce costs in cardiothoracic surgery. Thoraguard is a transformative digital medical device used in cardiac and thoracic surgery. The patented system integrates precision sensors, digital intelligence, and a one-of-a-kind design to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and provide surgeons with reliable data for better clinical decision making.

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CloudCath (San Francisco, CA) developed the infectious disease remote monitoring platform for all catheter-based treatments. Starting with peritoneal dialysis patients, CloudCath's technology sits in patients homes detecting infection origination and sending real time alerts to healthcare providers. Early intervention will drive a 75% reduction in infection-driven hospitalizations, saving thousands of lives and more than $2.6Bn of annual spending to the US healthcare system. CloudCath is on track to receive a 510K clearance in Q1 2020 followed shortly by commercialization for 1200 patients in Q2 2020.

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Cyberdontics (Toronto, Canada) is building surgical automation tools for dentistry. Dentists take 2 hours to complete a dental crown surgery – we help them do it in 10 minutes, with less staff. This solves the dentist's treatment capacity problem. Projected to add 250 hours per year of treatment capacity for a typical dentist.

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Cytex Therapeutics (Durham, NC) patented technologies enable the production of 3D woven/3D printed implants that have been shown to repair damaged cartilage and restore function in a dog model of hip arthritis. Cytex is preparing to file an IDE in 2020 to start the pilot study of its lead CTX101 in younger, more active patients with cartilage damage in the hip. Cytex believes that repairing cartilage and restoring function will slow the progression to osteoarthritis and delay or eliminate the need for hip replacement surgery.


Diality (Irvine, CA) is developing a portable, home hemodialysis machine that will enable patients to treat themselves wherever they are. Our solution reduces the burden of care by carefully considering the user experience, allowing more patients to benefit from home dialysis. By delivering excellence in usability and creating the most flexible and portable dialysis machine in the industry, we can provide a wide variety of treatment regimes and give patients their lives back.

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Embody LLC (Norfold, VA) is a medical device company developing collagen-based implants for the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries. With $12 million in funding from DARPA, Embody will launch our Tapestry Achilles implant in 2019 following FDA 510(k) clearance. In 2020, we will launch the first collagen internal brace and a Tapestry Rotator Cuff Implant. We have over $6 million in guaranteed, non-dilutive funding going forward, so our investors are funding commercial launch and revenue generation.


Fibralign Corporation (Union City, CA) is a Stanford-spinout company that produces novel therapeutic medical devices to address major unmet medical needs. Our first product BioBridge is being targeted to address secondary lymphedema, a global chronic disease that affects over 15 million people and currently has no cure. Fibralign is already commercially selling BioBridge in the US and has demonstrated clinical benefit in treating patients with this disease. We are conducting a multi-site clinical study for breast cancer-related lymphedema that is funded by NCI.

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Fischer Imaging Inc. (Wheat Ridge, CO) Today’s mammography misses breast cancer in almost half the population, women with dense breasts and is terribly inaccurate on the rest. This is because of the limited resolution and contrast of imaging afforded by today’s technology. Fisher’s proprietary technology doubles the resolution and contrast of today’s mammography using less than half the radiation dose. Our technology also removes the need for painful breast compression, the reason why women avoid mammograms. Our technology is applicable to multiple products ranging from standard mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis and fully integrated 3D computed tomography.


Healionics (Bothell, WA)is a clinical stage company addressing the critical need for improved means of dialysis access in patients with kidney failure. Our STARgraft vascular graft (artificial blood vessel) resists the problems of occlusion and infection suffered by current devices. We also have an exciting product pipeline based on our platform STAR® biomaterial, which has a unique ability to prevent both scarring and infection in a wide variety of other implantable device applications. The company has 25 patents issued or pending.

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Integrated Endoscopy, Inc. (Irvine, CA) is a pioneer in the development of high-quality, advanced technology, single-use rigid endoscopes. Nuvis is the worlds first single use disposable HD arthroscope catering to a global market in excess of $4B. The product is FDA cleared & CE marked with revenue tracking to a $5M sales run rate by Dec-19. The disposable is backed by next generation wireless camera and video stack technology which is superior in performance yet 90% cheaper than a traditional stack.

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IrisVision (Pleasanton, CA) develops clinically-validated electronic glasses, enabling thousands of legally-blind and low-vision users to see clearly, regain their independence, and start doing the things they love again. Using Samsung's virtual reality headset as a foundation, IrisVision’s patented software and services enable people who have impaired visual acuity due to conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and retinitis pigmentosa to regain sight.

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LightIntegra Technology Inc. (Vancouver, BC) Failed platelet transfusions are a major issue in healthcare, impacting the care of blood cancer patients, and wasting $1.6 billion annually in the US. LightIntegra knows how painful failed transfusions are for physicians, the blood bank, and most importantly, the patients. Understanding this struggle is what gave birth to ThromboLUX, the first analyzer to provide a routine test for platelet activation status. LightIntegra strives to give patients the best possible chance for platelet transfusion success by ensuring all hematology-oncology patients receive non-activated platelets.


Navigation Sciences, (Brookline MA), is developing, Image-guided Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (iVATS) technology for minimally invasive identification and removal of early stage lung tumors and other soft tissue cancers. The technology, which combines intraoperative imaging with Augmented Reality (AR), promises to improve surgical outcomes and increase operational efficiency. 


Nephrodite, Inc. (Atlanta, GA) is a team of scientists and medical professionals led by Dr. Nikhil Shah, Dr. Bob Nguyen and Mr. Vikram Vijayvergiya are developing a patented, fully implantable continuous dialysis device, eliminating the need for ‘in-center’ dialysis thereby resulting in a better quality of life while also decreasing the costs associated dialysis care. The company has cleared several major design and development hurdles proving their device’s ability to clear waste products from blood and prevent blood clotting through their proprietary design - all moving towards bringing the device to market.

NIDO (Boston, MA), is a medical device company that is developing an EpiCardioScope that enables VT ablation.

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Oncodisc (Walnut Creek, CA) is developing the first connected implantable vascular access device for drug delivery and continuous remote monitoring using digital biomarkers for cancer and cardiac patients. Through continuous remote monitoring of physiology and patient symptoms, Oncodisc will improve outcomes, reduce health system expenditures, and facilitate patient satisfaction. As an implant, our unique solution provides reliable vascular access, eliminates the need for patient compliance, and enhances diagnostic accuracy.

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Optina Diagnostics Inc. (Montreal, Canada) focuses on changing mindsets when it comes to brain health. With an FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for its Retinal Deep Phenotyping platform and a first application in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Optina offers unique, near-patient access via eye clinics network allowing early detection of a key disease’s hallmarks. Optina challenges the status quo by providing an accurate, simple, and non-invasive optical test to understand the age-related sources of memory loss empowering millions.

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OrthoSon (Oxford, UK) is developing a truly percutaneous, safer and more cost-effective procedure for people living with persistent, discogenic low back pain. The technology is the result of 10 years of ongoing research with the University of Oxford’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

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Pillo Health (Boston, MA) has created a HIPAA compliant cloud-based platform that makes it easy for organizations to build and deliver voice-first digital health solutions directly into the home. Our proprietary intelligent assistant and in-home hardware stores and dispenses medication according to a personalized schedule; will auto wake and pro-actively remind users to take their medication; and can be customized to provide information and educational content as well as capture patient reported outcomes through check-ins and brief assessments.


Prenosis, Inc. (Chicago, IL) is commercializing ImmunixTM, a precision medicine platform that can map out a patient’s immune system in minutes, using machine learning algorithms trained on NOSIS, a proprietary dataset generated by Prenosis. NOSIS is the world’s largest and most rapidly growing dataset with pristine time series biological data coupled to clinical data and patient outcomes. ImmunixTM has the potential to transform the $1.1B hospital clinical decision support market, the $3B immunotherapy market, and the $10B health & wellness market.


Promaxo (Rockville, MD) is a medical technology company that develops and commercializes customer-centric MRI systems and MRI based technologies that enhance patients' lives and redefine the standard of care. Using our proprietary technologies protected by 55+ patents, we are bringing first of its kind MRI, robotic-guidance, and AI based tissue characterization system to office-based practices. We have raised over $15M in equity and convertible debt, and our award-winning MR platform (TiE50, Red Herring Top 100, RESI NYC 1st prize) is currently under 510k review.


Pristine Surgical (Bedford, NH) has developed an integrated surgical imaging system for rigid endoscopy (arthroscopy and laparoscopy) which provides a crystal-clear HD view in a clean, low cost, hassle free single-use device.

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SpineX, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA) is focused on developing Neuromodulatory tools and rehab devices for patients with unmet medical needs. Current rehab devices are designed to maintain health and prevent complications and not to improve function and quality of life of these patients. The hidden fact of paralysis remains that a person in a wheelchair is not only nonambulatory, but also suffers from lost sensation, bladder, bowel, sexual dysfunction, compromised trunk, hand and arm function and significant cardiovascular distress. Our proprietary non-surgical neuromodulation system, TESCoN, which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Spinal Cord Neuromodulation, can address all of these functions, simultaneously. Our mission is to develop our novel spinal cord stimulation technology, TESCoN, to improve motor and autonomic functions for people with huge unmet medical needs.


Tivic Health Systems Inc. (Menlo Park, CA) is a bioelectronic health-tech company. We translate neuroscience into consumer-friendly medical devices for therapeutic benefit. Our first innovation, ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief, is an easy-to-use, handheld home device that delivers microcurrent waveforms. The first-of-its-kind, it's designed for the temporary relief of sinus pain for the 34+ million US sinus sufferers and 16 million with allergic rhinitis.

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Tournicare (Melbourne, Australia) is contributing to preventative healthcare by addressing a need in the home blood pressure monitoring market through the development of a connected blood pressure monitor that improves accuracy, compliance and reliable data collection through ease of use.

Verndari (Napa, CA) vaccine design uses: (1) synthetic nanodisc VLPs, (2) adjuvants and (3) VaxiPatch. The first two promise vaccines with better efficacy, the third promises painless vaccine delivery of room temperature stable vaccines. VaxiPatch has been incorporated into a complete self-contained vaccination kit that can be delivered by mail. Our initial product is an influenza vaccine targeted to the elderly. The CDC estimates 60,000 elderly people died of the flu in the 2017-2018 flu season. We are seeking $20M in our Series A.


Veriskin (San Diego, CA) is a medical device company dedicated to facilitating and improving the accuracy of skin cancer screening. The TruScore device is a proprietary, non-invasive, low-cost, hand-held unit that aids a non-expert user to rapidly and objectively determine whether a suspect skin lesion is cancerous. The patent pending technology works by detecting pathological angiogenesis which is a well established hallmark of cancer. A proprietary AI algorithm achieves >99%/94% sensitivity and specificity in differentiating skin cancer from a variety of benign conditions

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Wise SRL (Milan, Italy) is developing a genuinely new generation of Neuromonitoring and Neuromodulation electrodes by means of its proprietary SCBI technology. WISE’s electrodes are highly ergonomic, conformable, soft and thin, thus allowing great adhesion, minimal invasiveness and excellent adaptability on neural tissues. Currently, WISE is clinically validating its WCS electrodes for electrophysiological brain monitoring and completing the development of the WISE ExPert lead, the first multi-column SCS paddle lead that can be implanted percutaneously by a pain therapist.