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Carmell Therapeutics (Pittsburgh, PA) is addressing the burden of healing with its proprietary Plasma-based Bioactive Materials (PBM) technology, designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce health care costs. Carmell’s novel approach takes whole platelet-rich plasma, processes it in a manner that retains its regenerative properties, and delivers it to the injured site in a controlled-release capacity for faster, more effective healing.

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Endotronix (Lisle, IL) is advancing the treatment of heart failure. The Cordella Heart Failure System is a comprehensive heart failure management system that broadens the use of guideline-based management with a streamlined workflow, allowing physicians to scale effective heart failure management and improve patient outcomes. For patients who remain unstable, the solution seamlessly integrates PA pressure data using a wireless implantable sensor and handheld reader for earlier detection of worsening heart failure.

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Vectorious Medical Technologies (Tel Aviv, Israel) The world’s first in-heart micro-computer. Vectorious is harnessing  advanced AI and Machine learning technologies to provide optimal care for heart failure. The system’s technological infrastructure is based on use of the first and only sensory implant in the world that is miniature, battery-less and wireless, and that can communicate accurate readings from the heart.

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Womed (Occitanie, France) Womed's mission is to help women improve their fertility by protecting and restoring their uterus for pregnancy. EndoLeaf is a medical device to treat and prevent bonding of the uterine walls after surgical intervention, which is responsible for one miscarriage in five.