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Carmell Therapeutics (Pittsburgh, PA) is addressing the burden of healing with its proprietary Plasma-based Bioactive Materials (PBM) technology, designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce health care costs. Carmell’s novel approach takes whole platelet-rich plasma, processes it in a manner that retains its regenerative properties, and delivers it to the injured site in a controlled-release capacity for faster, more effective healing.


CorFlow Therapeutics AG (Baar, Switzerland) is developing the first combined diagnostic and therapeutic medical device for improving microvascular obstructions after a heart attack. The CorFlow TherapyTM is performed while the vascular status is monitored in real time thereby adapting the therapy to each patient.


CorWave (Clichy, France) is developing a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) that offers significant advantages over the currently available devices.

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Embody LLC (Norfold, VA) is a medical device company developing collagen-based implants for the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries. With $12 million in funding from DARPA, Embody will launch our Tapestry Achilles implant in 2019 following FDA 510(k) clearance. In 2020, we will launch the first collagen internal brace and a Tapestry Rotator Cuff Implant. We have over $6 million in guaranteed, non-dilutive funding going forward, so our investors are funding commercial launch and revenue generation.

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Endotronix (Lisle, IL) is advancing the treatment of heart failure. The Cordella Heart Failure System is a comprehensive heart failure management system that broadens the use of guideline-based management with a streamlined workflow, allowing physicians to scale effective heart failure management and improve patient outcomes. For patients who remain unstable, the solution seamlessly integrates PA pressure data using a wireless implantable sensor and handheld reader for earlier detection of worsening heart failure.

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ExThera Medical (Martinez, CA) has developed the Seraph® Microbind® Affinity Blood Filter, a broad-spectrum hemoperfusion device for treating bloodstream infections. ExThera Medical completed a successful EU clinical trial treating bacteremic hemodialysis and CRRT patients in 2018. Seraph® 200 was the only technology evaluated for final GLP evaluation in a competitive DARPA program, (Dialysis-Like Therapeutics) which focused on treating drug-resistant bacteremia. The US FDA has granted ExThera Expedited Access Pathway designation for Seraph 100 for its ability to remove drug-resistant pathogens from blood.

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Kite Medical (Galway, Ireland) has developed KITE, the first non-invasive, patient-centric solution to detect and monitor Kidney Reflux without the need for urethral catheterisation and radiation exposure.

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MY01 (Montreal, Canada) is a pressure-sensing diagnostic tool intended to aid in the diagnosis of Acute Compartment Syndrome (ACS), a rare but severe complication of high-energy trauma injuries. If left undiagnosed for over 12 hours, ACS can result in permanent muscle damage, limb amputation, or death. MY01 senses muscle swelling by providing continuous and accurate pressure measurements combined with remote data display on its companion app, thus empowering clinicians to make timely diagnoses.

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Spectricity (Mechelen, Belgium) is developing the most compact, accurate, non-invasive and non-intrusive haemoglobin saturation sensor which can be integrated in an arm, wrist-worn or patch wearable. It allows for continuous measurement of all haemoglobin saturation parameters such as SPO2 or CO in a truly ambulant setting, for use in consumer care applications or clinical monitoring of sleep diagnostics, cardiovascular or pneumological diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

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Surgivisio (Grenoble, France) develops in-OR solutions for orthopaedics. Surgivisio is the essential C-arm solution, integrating 2D fluoroscopy, 3D imaging, surgical navigation and robotics in a unified solution for optimal treatment of multiple indications. Surgivisio offers unique solutions for minimally-invasive surgery, it empowers the surgeons with innovative and efficient tools, reducing surgical time, reducing x-ray exposure, and increasing safety and accuracy of complex interventions (spine, neurosurgery, traumatology, etc.).

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ThermopeutiX (San Diego, CA) TwinFlo™ is a proprietary catheter system to treat ischemic brain injury by providing rapid and selective cerebral hypothermia. Unique design results in more rapid and deeper cooling of the brain while maintaining the remainder of the body at normal temperature. This differs from other hypothermia treatments that are unable to bring the brain to a sufficiently low temperature without significant detrimental systemic effects. Use of the system will be familiar to the large number of interventional physicians on staff at most hospitals.


Vascular Graft Solutions (Tel Aviv, Israel) is a revenue stage company active in the field of cardiovascular surgery. The company’s leading platform of external scaffolds, VEST and FRAME, was implanted in more than 1,000 patients and is currently the only available solution for preventing vein graft disease after coronary or peripheral bypass procedures. In addition, VGS develops several technologies to reduce post-operative complications and to improve the clinical outcome of surgical revascularization.

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Vectorious Medical Technologies (Tel Aviv, Israel) The world’s first in-heart micro-computer. Vectorious is harnessing  advanced AI and Machine learning technologies to provide optimal care for heart failure. The system’s technological infrastructure is based on use of the first and only sensory implant in the world that is miniature, battery-less and wireless, and that can communicate accurate readings from the heart.

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Womed (Occitanie, France) Womed's mission is to help women improve their fertility by protecting and restoring their uterus for pregnancy. EndoLeaf is a medical device to treat and prevent bonding of the uterine walls after surgical intervention, which is responsible for one miscarriage in five.


X-Bolt Orthopaedics (Dublin, Ireland) was established in 2007, with CE Mark and first clinical cases in 2011. The company's Expanding Bolt Technology for Osteoporotic Hip Fracture Fixation Strong gives strong anchorage with rotational stability, minimum bone disruption, and avoids spinning the femoral head. It is also easily reversible and removable if need be.  Clinical studies include the WHITE One (n=100) and WHITE Four (n=1,140) randomized control trials with a 0% X-BOLT reoperation rate in the published WHITE One study. FDA 510(k) approved in Q4 2018.