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Activ Surgical (Boston, MA) has developed a digital surgery platform called ActivSight, a technology focused on the integration of advanced computer vision, artificial intelligence and robotics designed to seamlessly fit within operating room workflow.

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Alandra Medical (Mexico City, Mexico) is dedicated to the prevention of the cascading of shock followed by multiple organ failure, leading to death for ICU patients. The Company’s patented Florence System provides continuous measurement and therefore an efficient early warning sign of shock (hypovolemic, anaphylactic, neurogenic, cardiogenic, or septic). Florence assesses tissue perfusion in the gastric mucosa, a primary indicator of shock, with an enhanced, patented version of the standard feeding tube used for virtually all ICU patients as a probe.


Body Vision Medical (Ramat HaSharon, Israel) is a commercial stage medical device company specializing in augmented real-time imaging, artificial intelligence and intra-body navigation. Its groundbreaking AI-driven intra-body navigation LungVisionTM platform is leveraging 20 years of innovation and experience in navigation bronchoscopy. LungVisionTM platform provides disruptive, unique, accessible and minimally invasive solution for diagnostics and treatment of early stage lung cancer nodules that can still be cured. LungVision superior benefits shown through over 400 clinical procedures in 12 U.S. KOL hospitals.

Calcivis (Edinburgh, UK) has developed a dental imaging system which for the first time enables dentists and their patients to see active decay ‘live’ as it is happening on a tooth surface, so they know whether a caries lesion is progressing and requires treatment. At follow up, it can provide visual evidence of treatment success and cavity prevention. Uniquely, the system incorporates a recombinant photoprotein that reacts with free calcium ions released from demineralising tooth surfaces to produce light, and a specialized intraoral imaging device.

CathVision (Copenhagen, Denmark) develops and sells medical devices for helping cure cardiac arrhythmia. We are helping clinicians and hospitals improve clinical outcomes and save time performing ablation treatments. We have in-licensed products in commercial phase with first profitable sales, and fully owned Cube product with market approval in Europe and US in 2020. CathVision has a strong network of early adopter clinicians and Key Opinion Leaders in US, France, Germany and UK.

CorFlow Therapeutics AG (Baar, Switzerland) is developing the first combined diagnostic and therapeutic medical device for improving microvascular obstructions after a heart attack. The CorFlow TherapyTM is performed while the vascular status is monitored in real time thereby adapting the therapy to each patient.

CorWave (Clichy, France) is developing a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) that offers significant advantages over the currently available devices.


Embody LLC (Norfold, VA) is a medical device company developing collagen-based implants for the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries. With $12 million in funding from DARPA, Embody will launch our Tapestry Achilles implant in 2019 following FDA 510(k) clearance. In 2020, we will launch the first collagen internal brace and a Tapestry Rotator Cuff Implant. We have over $6 million in guaranteed, non-dilutive funding going forward, so our investors are funding commercial launch and revenue generation.


EMTensor (Vienna, Austria) has developed and patented a novel medical imaging device called the G4 BrainScanner. The G4 BrainScanner is a groundbreaking electromagnetic brain imaging solution, smaller than all available brain tomographic imaging technologies, and is completely portable. The novel technology has no ionizing radiation and favorable ergonomic properties, eliminating exposure to harmful radiation and reducing the risk of injury to patients and clinical staff. The G4 BrainScanner provides safe and rapid stroke assessment and monitoring imaging technology that complements MRI and CT, bringing stroke diagnosis closer to symptom onset.

Endospan (Herzliya, Israel) is a commercial Medical Device Company. Its lead product Nexus is designed to transform treatment of life threatening Aortic arch disease from high-risk open surgery into a minimally invasive procedure.


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ExThera Medical (Martinez, CA) has developed the Seraph® Microbind® Affinity Blood Filter, a broad-spectrum hemoperfusion device for treating bloodstream infections. ExThera Medical completed a successful EU clinical trial treating bacteremic hemodialysis and CRRT patients in 2018. Seraph® 200 was the only technology evaluated for final GLP evaluation in a competitive DARPA program, (Dialysis-Like Therapeutics) which focused on treating drug-resistant bacteremia. The US FDA has granted ExThera Expedited Access Pathway designation for Seraph 100 for its ability to remove drug-resistant pathogens from blood.

FineHeart (Pessac, France) The patented FineHeart invention, the ICOMS (Implantable Cardiac Output Management System) is a novel, wirelessly powered, fully implantable mechanical circulatory support device able to optimize cardiac output while preserving the heart’s innate contractility. It is a game-changing therapy for long term circulatory assistance in severe heart failure patients.

GraftWorx (Menlo Park, CA) – Medicine today is characterized by clinicians looking retrospectively at diagnostic imaging and laboratory data, which results in expensive, reactionary procedures. GraftWorx is turning the Internet of Things into the Internet of the Body by enabling current “dumb” cardiovascular implants to become “smart.” We then leverage our cloud platform to alert clinicians of potential disasters. Our first product (currently in pre-clinical trials) will save 40,000 amputations in the US each year.

GreenBone Ortho (Faenza, Italy) is a clinical stage company leading innovation in bone regeneration, through a new generation bone graft. Suitable for today’s unsolved non-loaded and load-bearing large bone damage: non-union fractures, trauma - cancer and infection induced bone loss, spinal fusion and others. GreenBone raised 11.4€ million (USD 13 million) investments since 2015. By improving bone healing, enhancing quality of life, preventing future amputations, and reducing healthcare and social costs, GreenBone is set to have tremendous impact on patients and society.

HealthUp Ltd. (Warsaw, Poland) has developed AioCare, a portable spirometer, which connects to your phone via a mobile application. The device allows you to monitor your health condition thanks to algorithms which measure your pulmonary parameters. Thanks to AioCare, you can monitor your results in real time, consult them with the physician and avoid the results of aggravating unfortunate disease symptoms.


Inscope Medical (New Albany, IN) Inscope Medical’s mission is to revolutionize endoscopy through a suite of low-cost, Wi-Fi-enabled endoscopes. Our first device is a wireless video laryngoscope that increases the speed, efficacy, and safety of intubation. By removing the need for expensive tower-based systems, our laryngoscope is substantially less expensive than leading competitors and generates significant recurring revenue of our disposables. Inscope is also developing flexible endoscopes for the ENT, Pulmonary, and GI markets. With seamless video/image collection and analysis across our platform, we are the first company to truly digitize endoscopy, leading to better patient outcomes, lower costs for hospitals, and greater HIPAA compliance.

Intelligent Implants (Houston, TX) is introducing the first ever wireless implantable bioelectronic stimulation platform that is incorporated into standard orthopedic implants. We are able to get superior bone growth around our implant by electrically stimulating the bone to grow. We can sculpt the bone growth around the implant using current steering and we monitor the bone growth in real-time using impedance tomography. With excellent large animal trial outcomes, we are now looking to bring our breakthrough technology into the clinic.

IPDx (Tallinn, Estonia) developed a proprietary biomarker discovery platform (MVA) to identify antibody signatures for a variety of diseases. MVA makes this possible through a unique combination of phage display screening, next-generation sequencing, and big data analytics. IPDx applies MVA to develop diagnostics for a variety of diseases and collaborates with researchers interested in biomarker discovery, vaccine development, and multiplex diagnostic panel development.

Lightpoint Medical (Buckinghamshire, UK) is an innovative medical device company dedicated to improving health outcomes for cancer patients through molecular imaging-guided surgery. The company’s intra-operative molecular imaging and sensing technologies are designed to detect cancer in real time during surgery.

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Lunaphore Technologies SA - Lunaphore is disrupting tissue diagnostics field by fundamentally changing the time and resource driven nature of diagnostic assays on tumor sections.

Modulim (Irvine, CA) Modulim’s goal is to help clinicians prevent the onset or escalation of diabetic foot ulcers—and other complications of vascular compromise. Our device the Clarifi™ is a noninvasive, non-contact, diagnostic wide-field imaging system that provides a fast, reliable, and objective method of assessing tissue oxygen saturation, hemoglobin quantity, and distribution at different depts in patients with compromised circulation. Clarifi is FDA cleared and being sold in the United States, CE Mark is expected in Q4 of 2019.


MY01 (Montreal, Canada) is a pressure-sensing diagnostic tool intended to aid in the diagnosis of Acute Compartment Syndrome (ACS), a rare but severe complication of high-energy trauma injuries. If left undiagnosed for over 12 hours, ACS can result in permanent muscle damage, limb amputation, or death. MY01 senses muscle swelling by providing continuous and accurate pressure measurements combined with remote data display on its companion app, thus empowering clinicians to make timely diagnoses.

OncoRes Medical (Nedlands, Australia) has developed a novel combination of Optical Coherence Tomography and micro-elastography (OCME) creating real-time micro scale images for greater surgical accuracy. This will reduce the number of repeat surgeries and associated complication rates.

Oxford Endovascular Ltd (Oxford, UK) 1 in 50 people have brain aneurysms, that can rupture leading to death/permanent brain damage. Oxford Endovascular is a university spin out in its final stages of development of a next generation flow-diverter that has the potential to transform treatment in a $1billion market growing at over 8%. Its unique patent protected 'flow diverter' offers more effective and safer solutions for more patients as well as reducing healthcare costs significantly. KOLs have provided excellent feedback on its capabilities.

PhotoniCare (Champaign, IL) is building a low-cost diagnostic platform for the front-lines of medicine. Our first product will fundamentally change the way physicians treat middle ear infections. With our device, physicians can see through the eardrum to directly and harmlessly visualize the middle ear to determine need for antibiotic or surgical intervention. We are raising $8M to launch our first product in 2019 and build out additional products on our platform in eye, dental, and consumer health markets.

Provisio Medical (San Diego, CA) is developing an ultrasound-based smart catheter technology, SLT – Sonic Lumen Tomography, that provides precise real-time flow lumen dimensions without the need for interpretation. Provisio’s SLT technology, which can be integrated into a broad range of endovascular devices physicians are already using such as angioplasty, stent delivery, or support catheters, will revolutionize interventional therapy by giving physicians the exact information they need, when they need it, while enabling improved workflow and outcomes.

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Reprieve Cardiovascular (Milford, MA) is a pioneering medical device company focused on improving outcomes for patients suffering from acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF). The company's Reprieve technology provides an innovative fluid management solution to enable clinicians to precisely control a patient’s fluid volume thus having the potential to speed decongestion while protecting core organ function, shorten hospital stays, and reduce re-hospitalization in ADHF patients.

SafeHeal (Paris, France) is a clinical-stage medical device company focused on the development of anastomosis protection devices, including Colovac for colorectal surgery. Colovac aims at avoiding the need for a diverting ostomy in patients undergoing colectomy. The device is a flexible bypass sheath intended to suppress contact of fecal content with the colorectal anastomotic site, following colorectal surgery (open or laparoscopic). It is anchored above the anastomosis using a stent combined with an innovative vacuum-based mechanism. Colovac is seamless, minimally invasive and fully reversible. Once in place, the implant covers the colon down to the anus. It remains in place until the body’s natural healing and tissue repair processes are complete (approximately 10 days), after which it is removed during an endoscopic procedure, without the need for a second surgical intervention. This enables patients to resume their normal life without having to bear an artificial anus and wear ostomy pouches for several months.

Salvia BioElectronics (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) is an innovative start-up company, active in the emerging field of “BioElectronics”. Inspired by biology and electronics, we provide innovative therapeutic solutions that effectively treat disease without side effects. Our tiny devices are placed seamlessly underneath the skin and deliver mild electrical stimulation to the nerves to restore health for people suffering from severe neurologic disorders. Salvia is ambitious: we want to change the world of neurotherapies and make our novel solutions widely accessible.

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SentiAR (St. Louis, MO) is developing the first application of Mixed Reality technology for use during cardiac ablation procedures, including the treatment of atrial fibrillation. The SentiAR platform provides an immersive command-center for the clinicians by presenting a 3D hologram of the patient’s electroanatomic data via the Microsoft HoloLens in real-time. Our solution gives the clinician unprecedented control via SentiAR’s patent protected, intuitive gaze interface and provides invaluable insight to guide physician diagnosis and catheter placement.

SmartMedics (Warsaw, Poland) created the first-on-market simultaneous 18-lead ECG patch with a dedicated device and mobile app. The patch is wireless, radiolucent and applied in under 15 seconds. SmartMedics’ mission is to detect STEMI’s earlier, for use in home monitoring and cardiac telerehabilitation, while our future lies in algorithm development.


Spectricity (Mechelen, Belgium) is developing the most compact, accurate, non-invasive and non-intrusive haemoglobin saturation sensor which can be integrated in an arm, wrist-worn or patch wearable. It allows for continuous measurement of all haemoglobin saturation parameters such as SPO2 or CO in a truly ambulant setting, for use in consumer care applications or clinical monitoring of sleep diagnostics, cardiovascular or pneumological diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).


Surgivisio (Grenoble, France) develops in-OR solutions for orthopaedics. Surgivisio is the essential C-arm solution, integrating 2D fluoroscopy, 3D imaging, surgical navigation and robotics in a unified solution for optimal treatment of multiple indications. Surgivisio offers unique solutions for minimally-invasive surgery, it empowers the surgeons with innovative and efficient tools, reducing surgical time, reducing x-ray exposure, and increasing safety and accuracy of complex interventions (spine, neurosurgery, traumatology, etc.).

Synergia Medical SA (Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium) is pioneering optoelectronics for neurostimulation medical devices by developing innovations to provide a powerful and versatile neurostimulation technological platform. Products derived from this platform would include a small non metallic encapsulation, wireless fast charging, custom optical lead, photovoltaic cells and an enhanced electrode. This technology could benefit numerous therapeutic applications (such as drug-resistant epilepsy, sleep apnea or depression).

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SYNOSTE Ltd., (Helsinki, Finland) a Finnish medical device company, creates smart implant solutions for patient-friendly bone-lengthening and bone-deformation correction. SYNOSTE’s core competences are smart material management, wireless energy transfer and active orthopaedic implant design. SYNOSTE’s patented technology platform provides the basis for further disruptive changes in the treatment of congenital, trauma- and tumour-related limb discrepancies, adult and paediatric deformities, and craniomaxillofacial deformations.


ThermopeutiX (San Diego, CA) TwinFlo™ is a proprietary catheter system to treat ischemic brain injury by providing rapid and selective cerebral hypothermia. Unique design results in more rapid and deeper cooling of the brain while maintaining the remainder of the body at normal temperature. This differs from other hypothermia treatments that are unable to bring the brain to a sufficiently low temperature without significant detrimental systemic effects. Use of the system will be familiar to the large number of interventional physicians on staff at most hospitals.

THORASYS (Quebec, Canada), a Montreal-based commercial-stage MedTech company, is seeking financing of $8 M US in 2019 to scale up its commercialization of innovative, disruptive technologies that will revolutionize pulmonary medicine by providing fast, easy lung function assessment to hospitals, doctor’s offices, point of care, and ultimately the patient’s home.

Vascular Graft Solutions (Tel Aviv, Israel) is a revenue stage company and global leader in the field of external scaffolds for prevention of vein graft disease and toxicity in coronary bypass, peripheral vascular reconstruction and AV fistula in hemodialysis patients. Following four randomized trials with more than five years follow up and implantations in thousands of patients, the company continuously expanding its commercial presence in global markets.


Vectorious Medical Technologies (Tel Aviv, Israel) The world’s first in-heart micro-computer. Vectorious is harnessing  advanced AI and Machine learning technologies to provide optimal care for heart failure. The system’s technological infrastructure is based on use of the first and only sensory implant in the world that is miniature, battery-less and wireless, and that can communicate accurate readings from the heart.


Wise SRL (Milan, Italy) is developing a genuinely new generation of Neuromonitoring and Neuromodulation electrodes by means of its proprietary SCBI technology. WISE’s electrodes are highly ergonomic, conformable, soft and thin, thus allowing great adhesion, minimal invasiveness and excellent adaptability on neural tissues. Currently, WISE is clinically validating its WCS electrodes for electrophysiological brain monitoring and completing the development of the WISE ExPert lead, the first multi-column SCS paddle lead that can be implanted percutaneously by a pain therapist.


Womed (Occitanie, France) Womed's mission is to help women improve their fertility by protecting and restoring their uterus for pregnancy. EndoLeaf is a medical device to treat and prevent bonding of the uterine walls after surgical intervention, which is responsible for one miscarriage in five.

X-Bolt Orthopaedics (Dublin, Ireland) was established in 2007, with CE Mark and first clinical cases in 2011. The company's Expanding Bolt Technology for Osteoporotic Hip Fracture Fixation Strong gives strong anchorage with rotational stability, minimum bone disruption, and avoids spinning the femoral head. It is also easily reversible and removable if need be.  Clinical studies include the WHITE One (n=100) and WHITE Four (n=1,140) randomized control trials with a 0% X-BOLT reoperation rate in the published WHITE One study. FDA 510(k) approved in Q4 2018.