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“The MedTech Strategist editorial team have been among the most insightful, impartial observers of the medical device world for decades. That clear vision and experience comes through in their in-depth articles which consistently identify important trends in our industry. I personally look forward to each new issue of  MedTech Strategist. Industry conferences are usually all about networking. But in addition to bringing together a fabulous group of thought leaders and companies, at MedTech Strategist's conferences you actually want to hear the talks as well. The team lines up thought-provoking speakers and ask critical questions which get to the heart of the challenges and opportunities we face.”

Hanson S. Gifford, III, Managing Partner, The Foundry, LLC

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"Innovation Summit Dublin is one of the very few medtech meetings where the investors actually stay throughout the convention with very approachable/direct access to them.  The Summit is a great way to be informed on new companies and new technologies, the phase they are at, their needs when it comes to market access/entry like CE Mark.  I also read the MedTech Strategist journal.  Great interviews with people from the medtech industry. Start up experience and also interviews with decision makers from the big ones like J&J, Medtronic etc."

Carla Kikken-Jussen, President CEO, MediTech Holding


"The MedTech Strategist editorial team have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Medical Device industry, and access to anyone and everyone in the field, from the start-up founder to the large corporate CEO. Their perspective on the trends and evolution of our sector is second to none, and I will continue to read the MedTech Strategist with real interest and pleasure.”

Antoine Papiernik, Managing Partner, Sofinnova Partners


“The MedTech Strategist editorial team disproportionately contributed to enhancing my understanding of the medical device markets over the last decade. They take the time to get all of the facts and consistently deliver them in a comprehensive, unbiased, engaging and easily readable format. They have earned credibility with all of the major medical device companies and seem to have uncommon access to industry leaders. If I had to rely on only one source for medtech news, I would look to them without question.”

Stephen Oesterle, MD, Venture Partner,  New Enterprise Associates

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"The Dublin Medtech conference has the ability to motivate Medtech focused innovators, investors and industry to collect in one place. It's the gateway to European Medtech and provides excellent networking opportunities."

Caroline Gaynor, Vice President, Lightstone Ventures

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The MedTech Strategist Innovation Summit [Dublin] is an intimate and densely rich environment of professionals in the global medical device industry. Arguably my favorite aspect of this conference is the variety of attendees that encapsulate a full 360-degrees of how the MedTech industry functions. These range from early-stage startups, to VCs and incubators, to the corporate strategic investment/acquiring partners, to regulatory agencies, and a multitude of supporting consultants to the industry.  Not to mention that this is all amalgamated in the luxurious and historical atmosphere of The Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. A major attraction.

Giovanni Lauricella, Director, The Mullings Group


“The MedTech Strategist editorial team, through their publications and conferences, have become the preeminent source for medtech information and collaboration.  They possess an unmatched combination of product/sector intelligence with access to the thought leaders and innovators at every stage of development, all of which is reflected in the MedTech Strategist.” 

Stan Rabinovich, Vice President, Discovery, Advanced Technology, Edwards Lifesciences

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“The MedTech Strategist's editorial team are truly unique in the medtech industry with unparalleled access to key global players and a deep understanding of the sector. Seroba has partnered with David and the team for a number of European medtech conferences and are delighted to do so again for the upcoming Innovation Summit event in Dublin. These types of conferences are a vital part of the device industry, facilitating networking between investors and innovative companies, and providing a forum for thought leaders and strategics to discuss emerging industry trends.”

Alan O’Connell, PhD, Partner, Seroba Life Sciences


“In today’s healthcare environment where lots of sizzling headlines don’t always equate to reality, the MedTech Strategist's editorial team consistently dig deep to report on the latest industry trends and the ‘whys’ behind the ‘whats.’ Their history in this market provides unequaled access to corporate and investment leaders driving medical technology innovation. The content packed into each issue is truly impressive; great writing by a great team!”

Albert A Lauritano, MS, CLP, Director, Strategic Technology Partnerships, BD Technologies


“Without doubt the best meeting in Europe for any med device company seeking investment, wishing to talk to potential industry partners or wishing to network/learn from peer experience.”

Steve Atkinson, CEO, Atlantic Therapeutics


“The MedTech Strategist Innovation Summit Dublin Conference is a perfect event to engage leading investors and innovators from across the international landscape. The structure of the conference is perfect for both networking and fundraising.”

Josh Makower, General Partner, New Enterprise Associates


“The annual Innovation Summit Dublin has become the go-to medtech conference in Europe offering a good blend of start-ups, large medtech, investor colleagues and other VIP’s organized in perhaps Europe’s most prominent medtech region, Ireland! Happy to see many colleagues from the US as well.” 

Arthur Franken, Partner, Gilde Healthcare Partners


"The Dublin Innovation Summit is Europe's leading medtech investment conference, and is the must-attend for entrepreneurs, investors and industry. If you attend one conference per year, make it this one."

David O'Flynn, President, EVA Consulting


“In my 25+ years in the medical device industry, I have consistently turned to the MedTech Strategist's publication and conferences for the richest, most relevant information. Not merely reporting, but catching me up on trends and discussions from the greatest minds across the industry. David’s omnipresence and vast rolodex has made him quite a unique individual that I have not ever seen replicated. I follow David’s work, whether writing for his own journals, or leading discussion panels at The Cleveland Clinic’s wonderfully informative Innovation Summit Conferences."

Todd Tomba, Medical Device Executive