Season 3 'Meet the Innovators' - Coming Fall 2019

People invest in other people.
It is our mission to ‘meet’ the innovators and share the story behind the technology to drive the right partnerships and ultimately accelerate medical device innovation. Discover 8 emerging medtech companies and the passionate Founders and CEOs behind the technology in Season 3 of ‘Meet the Innovators’.


Click through to see production stills and selfies with the brilliant minds interviewed in Season 3 and our residential Medtech Millennial, Kayleen Brown!


Season 3 includes interviews with EMTensor, Activ Surgical, Provisio Medical, ThermopeutiX, OncoRes Medical, Smart Medics, SentiAR, and Vascular Graft Solutions, all filmed at Innovation Summit Dublin 2019!


Our sincere appreciation to each of the below contributors of the ‘Meet the Innovator’ interview series. Your dedication, guidance, and support has helped make the series a success!

Thank you to Chandula Perera - Video Editor; Kate Olson - Intro/Outro Music; and AVCOM - Season 3 Production Crew. Special thanks to Jonathan McEvoy, Creative Director, AVCOM for developing the intro for ‘Meet the Innovators’ and for his significant help in making Season Three a success.